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Investment adviser for principles seeking to

invest or develop compelling projects


Our Global focus includes China, Ghana, Japan,

India, the United States, Canada & the Caribbean region.

Mayoral Business Enterprise

Trip to China

Beijing, Hong An, Chengdu, Guangzhou and JieYang.
May 2014

Hosted by CPAFFC (China)  & U.S. Sino Friendship Association.

In association with The US China Business Council 

and LV Global Holdings.

CPAFFC: The Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. A key foreign affairs organization of the People's Republic of China. Its goal is to promote friendship and mutual understanding between the Chinese people and foreign nations. The organization was founded in May 1954. Its current chairperson is Li Xiaolin whose father is the late Chinese President Li Xiannian


China- Europe-America and Oceania
Business Meetings
Shangra-la Hotel Jilin China.
September 2014
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