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AJE3 Entertainment has strategic alliances that assist in our advising our clients about equity capital, investments and complementary business relationships that have a shared commitment to global growth and success. Our business portfolio includes film and TV, Digital and AI Technology, Sports, Entertainment and Lifestyle Eco-Energy Focused Sustainability.


Bernard Stewart is an Internationally recognized entertainment executive with extensive TV, Film, and Media Entertainment experience and is President and CEO of AJE3 ENTERTAINMENT, a production company focused on Film, Television, Digital platform development like Podcast, website design, and Brand Marketing.


Stewart was a member of the original creative team that started ESPN and SportsCenter. During his extensive career with ESPN, his senior executive roles included developing and managing long-term strategies for ESPN's International family of networks. He was the company's most senior executive for all of Asia, including India, Oceania, the Pacific, (1999 - 2008), and the Caribbean (2008 - 2013).


His more notable digital/new technology projects included GAME, the first pan-regional video magazine focusing on eSports for the Asia Pacific audience, Football Weekend ESPN's first virtual studio program, and launching ESPN HD Australia, the first international HD sports network. 

Stewart is passionate about harnessing technology to explore and create inclusive immersive experiences for individuals and organizations through AI, VR, AR, MR, 360° digital production services that are all under one roof - The AJE3 Studios. 

Stewart and his team are on a mission to shape the narrative of a technological future that is inclusive, harmonious, and champions the entrepreneurial success of minorities, women, and people of color.  "This will not happen by chance," according to Stewart. "Compelling storytelling about a powerful diverse future and access to educational opportunities to learn about technology in all its forms, especially artificial intelligence and crypto, will make this vision of the future a reality."


Stewart graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Television and Motion Picture Production. He was co-creator of the critically recognized BU radio program Ebony Affair. He also holds separate degrees of M.S. Urban Studies and M.S. Media Technology, both from Southern Connecticut University.



Stewart began his career as an independent film producer with projects like The Turtle - a documentary of the recreation of David Bushnell's Revolutionary War Submarine the first ever used in war. His broadcast career began in 1977 as a producer, at WTNH-TV in New Haven, where he received multiple Emmy nominations for the original series FIRST EDITION.



Stewart joined ESPN in 1980 as one of the early pioneers of the company's development with over 33 years of service to ESPN and The Walt Disney Company. His content development and acquisition experiences include high-profile rights negotiations for premier world events, including The FIFA World Cup, T20 Cricket, The Olympics, The Pan American Games, and The UEFA Champions League. He was on the program executive team that developed the ESPY's. As an Emmy nominated producer, Stewart created or developed over 20 original series and multi-platform program concepts for network and syndication distribution.


From 1985 to 1991, Stewart was director of program planning responsible for the direction and strategy for 8260 annual hours of live studio, remote, and recorded programming each year.

From 1991 to 1992, Stewart was director of programming, operations, and productions, ESPN International, where he spearheaded the launched the international edition of ESPN's award-winning program "SportsCenter." He created, designed, and supervised the development of ESPN's first network use of cutting edge' virtual set technology' – for the weekly series ''‘Football Weekend’'' and developed ESPN's production method of international multi-language program delivery providing distinctive language services in Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, and English.

From 1992 to 1999, Stewart served as vice president, programming and development, ESPN International, responsible for the development and long-term strategy for ESPN's global family of networks. He also oversaw daily program scheduling and program development.

From 1999 - 2008, Stewart was the company's most senior executive in Asia, including India, Oceania, the Pacific. He was the creator and an executive in charge of the multi-media content series "Legends of Cricket", Profiles of the Game's 25 Greatest.


From 2008 - 2013, Stewart was vice president and general manager, ESPN Caribbean and Maritime Media. Based in Miami. Responsible for affiliate sales and distribution, program development included the resurgence of West Indies T20 Cricket, the Heineken Caribbean Yacht race, the Trinidad, and Tobago Cycling race, and series of Super Bowl at Sea events with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.




From 1984 to 1986 Stewart was Executive Producer of the number one nightly news 11 pm telecast of NIGHTCAST. He also served as an Executive Producer of election coverage and Executive produced live newscast broadcast from Super Bowl XX in New Orleans.


Bernard is recognized as a featured international industry speaker with appearances that include Renmin University, The Peoples Republic of China; International Trade Specialist for the United States at The Bahamas Copyright Stakeholder Summit, the Jamaica Sports Business Summit, The Jamaica International Film Festival, and the Thrive Business Seminar featuring Daymond John of ABC's "Shark Tank". 


As a journalism professor at Southern Connecticut State University, Stewart was an adjunct faculty member and is the author of the business management and life coaching book Fifty50 A Guide To A Successful Work-Life Balance. He was executive editor and wrote the forward for the book, Legends of Cricket Profiles of the Game's 25 Greatest.



REGINALD B. STEWART SCHOLARSHIP FUND SCHOOL OF LAW BOSTON UNIVERSITY - During the turbulent times of serious examination of racial equity in 2020, the Law school worked with the Stewart family to revise the original prize fund in memory of their son Reggie to become the Reginald B. Stewart Scholarship Fund at The School of Law at Boston University. The recipients will be second-year students at Boston University School of Law with a GPA of at least 3.0, who demonstrate financial need, and is active and/or an emerging leader at the Law School as seen through their participation in student groups such as the Student Government Association or the Black Law Student Association. Their actions shall reflect a commitment to their education and compassion for fellow students, and shall reflect the values of Reginald B. Stewart.


The recipient will be chosen by the Dean of the School of Law or his or her designee. This scholarship fund will ensure that Reggie's legacy of humanity and fairness at BU remains strong.

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