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AJE3 Entertainment is ready for 2021

Published on January 27, 2021

Our Updated Profile from the Desk of CEO and Founder Bernard Stewart

AJE3 Entertainment is a full range content producer, and a creative and business strategy advisor in eSports, music, fashion, sports, film, television, and digital services and sales. Our success as Board or Business Advisors in Global business development capitalizes on our 35 years of entertainment, lifestyle, and cultural engagement experience.


Our clients include:

  • Family Offices focused on creative, compelling, and meaningful equity investment.

  • eSports gaming developers with innovative 'break-through-the-clutter' technology.

  • Traditional linear and media franchises looking to reposition their distribution and content into the emerging world of streaming and digital transmission.

  • Digital content production. Website design and execution in wellness and lifestyle.




FILM and TELEVISION: With 8 projects in development (screenplays, animation, scripted and

unscripted TV), AJE3 is focused on producing quality content of adventure, love, and family to

satisfy the emotional hunger of today's audiences.


EZero: A socially designed infrastructure project focused on the goal of creating a sustainable

society in the future. The current target for many countries is Carbon Zero by 2050. Our project

derives its name from our goal of Ecological Zero - maximized conservation and waste

elimination without discharges that threaten the environment or human health. It's a reach for

the stars' goal and our journey is just beginning.


OTT and Streaming: Networks project in motion from clients utilizing our experience and

knowledge for business enhancement in ad-supported content and Digital Virtualized Services

that optimized their business to excel in the fast forward digital world of streaming and Direct

Consumer Engagement.


PODCAST The Storyteller (Season 2). A StoryWorld of discovery, mystery, and the

unexpected. Original emotional and heartfelt stories come to life with audio imagery stereo

sound design that includes a narrative voice that leaves you longing for more.


The Reginald B. Stewart Scholarship Fund at The School of Law at Boston University. The

fund financially supports students who are emerging leaders at the Law School with a story of

participation that reflects a commitment to their education, community (with emphases and the

underserved), and compassion for fellow students.

Bernard Stewart


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